Personal Curation

Wild Crane Photography and Design provides a personalized photography curation experience, helping individuals rediscover, organize, and manage their vast digital and print photo collections. With a combination of human expertise and technology, we bridge the gap between the chaos of unmanaged photos and the joy of cherished memories.


Organizing Print Photos

We use various strategies to help sort through and organize your printed and digital photos, employing a pre-determined categorizing approach.

Print photo organizing may often include the following:

  • Sort Chronologically
  • Sort by Event
  • Assign Names and Labels
  • Sort Memorabilia (Letters/Cards, Children’s Artwork, Report Cards…)
  • Prepare for Digitizing
  • Protect and Preserve

We can provide archival photo boxes for your photographic prints as part of your package or we can use those that you have on hand.

Organizing Digital Photos

The “digital age” has provided us the opportunity to take thousands of photos, yet we often have difficulty finding one!

Digital photo organizing may often include the following:

  • Gather Digital Images on Multiple Devices
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Create Backup Solutions
  • Sort Chronologically
  • Sort by Event
  • Assign Facial Recognition
  • Assign Keywords

Digitized Prints

Digitizing is the process of converting your printed memorabilia to an easily accessible digital format allowing you to preserve, enjoy and share your memories. Do you have printed photos that you want to share with friends and family? Are you concerned that your priceless photos and memorabilia are at risk of being damaged?

Digitize Print Photos & Memorabilia

Many companies provide you with a very basic scan package and charge fees for additional services. Our price includes all of the services below at NO extra charge!

  • Scanned locally
  • Every photo is digitized at 600 dpi (higher resolution and a better reproduction)
  • Every photo is oriented appropriately
  • Images are named and numbered allowing you to access and identify photos with ease


$0.49 per scan: Standard Photos (8×10 or smaller)

$1.99 per scan: Non-Standard Photos (Larger than 8×10 or Delicate)



Something about restoring old images. Ancestral honoring. 

Something about our editing service. Take your images to the next level with professional editing. Turn your vacation images into fine art.


Studies have proven that family portraits help children with self-esteem. The experts have said that when they see their picture with their family on the wall, it tells them they are loved, wanted, and a part of the family.

Something about the importance of getting your images off the computer and on the walls. Our print services and price sheet.

Something about custom gallery service. Your personal art gallery. We help you design your walls. Each room a different theme, vacation, milestones, silly family moments, etc.

Photo books give you the opportunity to tell a story about you or your family and your journey. The journey you share through a specially designed photobook has unlimited possibilities! 

“Quality, relevant content can’t be spotted by an algorithm. You can’t subscribe to it. You need people – actual human beings – to create or curate it.”

― Kristina Halvorson

Enlighten yourself and you will enlighten the viewer.

– Jean-Christophe Ammann